stiffness testing device / compression / abrasion / materials
WDW-100 Shanghai Bairoe Test Instrument



  • Test type:

    stiffness, compression, abrasion

  • Test material:


  • Operating mode:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Test type:

    peel, tension


The WDW series of micro-chip controlled single column electronic universal testing machine is mainly designed for tension, compression, bend, shear, peel, tore, abrasion on metal, rubber, plastic, fiber, leather, braid, wire, cable, construction materials, wood to inspect their mechanics performances. It is a new type of material testing machine featuring the combination of the latest generation of green electronic technology and ingenious mechanical transmission design, demonstrating a low standby power consume, reduced operation noise, extended operating life and no pollution to the environment.
This product is born with a refined structure that enables more steady loads and precise controls. It adopts the leading high-performance AEC-1000 Controller, which is usually equipped on high-end material testing machines. The mechanical components collaborate with the pioneered modular Test Live computer testing software to ensure the stability, precision and reliability of the whole system.
This product complies with the standards and requirements of GB/T 16491-2008.