Stiffness test device / materials / computer-controlled / precision
WDW-100 Shanghai Bairoe Test Instrument


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The WDW-100 is an electronic universal testing machine engineered by Bairoe. It is suitable for use in testing tension, compression, bend, shear, peel, tore, abrasion on metal, rubber, plastic, fiber, leather, braid, wire, cable, construction materials, and wood.

The unit is structured based on a mechanical transmission design, and green electronic technology. It ensures low standby power consumption, and long useful life. The machine offers a silent and safe operation to the environment. It features a refined construction allowing more steady loads, and precise controls.

The WDW-100 uses Test live computer testing software ensuring stability, precision, and reliability of the whole system. It is supplied with an AEC-1000 controller. In addition, it satisfies the requirements of the GB/T 16491-2008 standards.


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