belt conveyor / for the food industry / for the pharmaceutical industry / for the automotive industry
Shanghai BHii Instrument Co., Ltd.



  • Technology:


  • Sector:

    for the food industry, for the pharmaceutical industry, for the automotive industry

  • Product transported:

    for automatic machines

  • Other characteristics:

    for transport, automatic, belt-driven

  • Maximum load:

    Max.: 10 kg (22.046 lb)

  • Speed:

    Min.: 28 mm/min (0.02 in/s)

    Max.: 40 mm/min (0.03 in/s)


Conveyor for Metal Detector

- Sandblasted stainless steel 304 frame and stainless steel roller
- Geman SEW Motor
- French Schneider electric unit
- Danish Danfoss frequency converter
- Specification at customer's request