Sheet fastener
JYFC-440-F Shanghai Jingyang



-We supply the PF range panel fasteners with different head including TORX, SLOTTED, PHILIPS, LOT/PULIPIS

- The PF range includes JPF12, JPF22, JPFS2, JPFC2, JPFHV, JPF30, JPF31, JPF32, JPF50, JPF60, JPF52, JPF62, JPFC2P, JPF15, JPF25, JPF16, JPF26, JPF18, JPF28, JPF38. JPFK, JPF17, JPF09, JPF08, JPF10, JPF11, JPF01.

-Carbon steel and stainless steel material are available.

-Pre-installed and post-installed two types are available; self-clinching and ballooning two styles are available


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