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Ball valve / control / electrically operated / for steam
DN 15 - 200 | SECO series Shanghai SanZhou Automation Dash Co., Ltd


  • Type:


  • Function:


  • Operation:

    electrically operated

  • Media:

    for steam

  • Number of channels:



SECO Electric ceramics o-type ball valve

SECO Electric ceramics o-type ball valve,component by 3601R series angle travel electronic electric actuators and valve body.All contact with the media's part adopts zirconia ceramics, rockwell hardness HRA87 as aboveBesides with most advantages of metal ball valve. it also has strong corrosion resistance, temperature, abrasion and corrosion proof Characteristics,etc.Widely used in petrochemical, metallurgical, papermaking, power stations, refining industry of gases, liquids, acid and alkali salt mud and high temperature steam in the conveying system.And is strong corrosion situation titanium valve, monel valve ideal alternative.This series ceramic ball valve has advantages of low cost, high efficiency operation and long life,( 2 ~ 4 times of ti valve).


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