manual shot blasting machine / for tubes / continuous / compact
SSCE-119 Shanghai Shengchang Industry Equipment



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for tubes

  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, compact


Combined Blast Machine
SSCE 119 is a large combined blast machine with artistic exteriority. It is compact, energy-saving and highly efficient. It's designed to fit the size of regular containers for the ease for transportation and moving. It's robust enough to work non-stop for hours; and it's large enough to hold 30t abrasives at a time avoiding frequent refill. The above features have greatly enhanced work efficiency. The derusting standard of a work piece surface reaches Sa2.5 -3 level while the surface roughness reaches 25 – 100um after treatment with SSCE 119 combined blast machine. SSCE 119 combined blast machine is widely used in shipbuilding, bridge, mining, oil pipe, metal smelting, boiler, machine tool, railway road, port construction and irrigation works, especially in large area of rust cleaning, where the superiority of SSCE119 combined blast machine comes to play.

SSCE119 combined blast machine has demonstrated low failure rate after numerous testing and improvement conducted by our technical staff. Other distinguishing features of SSCE119 combined blast machine include simple maintenance, high technical content, superior quality, high efficiency, robust and sturdy as well as continuous operation. Among similar products in international market, the SSCE119 combined blast machine is by far much more superior in terms of work performance.

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