HPLC chromatograph / multi-detector / laboratory
LC1620A Shanghai Sunny Hengping Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd



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Solvent delivery system: solvent container/ high-pressure pump/ gradient elution
sample introduction system: six-port valve/ autosampler
separation system: chromatographic column
Detector: UV detector/ refractive index detector

1. Superior high-pressure pump achieves accurate solvent delivery with high-precision and low-fluctuation.
2. Advanced and innovative design modules provide high reliability and accuracy for long time operation.
3. The pump works in-parallel and ensures accuracy and duration.
4. Different kind of detectors, including UV/VIS detector and refractive index detector etc. provide stronger detection capability and more options.
5. Pumping system: Isocratic system and gradient system.
6. UV Detector for routine analysis/ RID for universal detection in isocratic analysis, especially necessary in GPC system.
7. Clarity software, compatible with GLP/FDA-21 CFR Part11 requirements and regulations. (electronic records and signatures)

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