AC/DC power supply / digital / laboratory / for industrial applications
DP3003 Shanghai Yi Hua V&A Instrument Co., Ltd.



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    digital, laboratory, for industrial applications

  • Input voltage:

    110 V, 220 V

  • Output voltage:

    Min.: 0 V

    Max.: 30 V

  • Current:

    Min.: 0 A

    Max.: 5 A


The DP3003 digital control DC power supply have the excellent capabilities,such as convenient numeric input keypad, large LCD screen, intuitionistic voltage/current display, V/I adjust step by step, memory keys to store your voltage used frequently and recall it easily. It can be widely used in laboratories, factories, universities and so on.

●Liner digital control DC power supply
●Convenient keyboard V/I input
●Fine V/I tuning by stepping potentiometer
●Colourful LCD screen
● Intellective fan cooling
●Low noise and ripple output
●Voltage and current memory function
●Over current and temperature protection
●CV / CC mode