relative pressure transmitter / absolute / silicon / piezoresistive
PT124B-2088 IOT Smart Pressure Transmitter Shanghai Zhaohui Pressure Apparatus Co.,Ltd.(ZHYQ)



  • Pressure type:

    relative, absolute

  • Technology:

    silicon, piezoresistive

  • Output signal:

    ratiometric, DC output, HART, RS485

  • Mounting:

    threaded, flush diaphragm

  • Other characteristics:

    stainless steel, precision, process, with LCD display, OEM, smart, two-wire

  • Process temperature:

    25 °C (77 °F)

    Min.: -20 °C (-4 °F)

    Max.: 80 °C (176 °F)

  • Pressure range:

    100 bar (1,450.38 psi)

    Min.: 0 bar (0 psi)

    Max.: 350 bar (5,076.32 psi)


The ZHYQ 2088 gauge and absolute pressure transmitter has a compact and lightweight design that makes it extra user-friendly. The transmitter features Local Operator Interface (LOI), which has in-built configuration buttons, as well as easy-to-use menus that facilitate easy commissioning on the spot. The pressure transmitter is provided in protocols 1-5 V DC and 4-20 mA HART, which allows flexibility for low power applications. The transmitter can be availed with remote seals, and manifolds.

Hydraulic measurement
Water conservancy and electrical power
Petrochemical industry
Metallurgy, power
Paper making

Stainless steel sealed construction
Intrinsically safe
Protection class:IP65
Corrosion-resistance, with LCD display
Wide temperature compensation
High accuracy

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