silicone grease / organic / for metals / adhesive
Shenzhen HFC Shielding products co.,Ltd



  • Type:

    silicone, organic

  • Product applications:

    for metals

  • Other characteristics:

    adhesive, thermal conductor


1. High thermal conductivity
-High K-value, conduct heat fastaid components dissipation to raise effiency
2. Good machinability
-Can be made by coating or screen printing
3. High volume resistance
-Nonconductive, avoid short-circuit to components
4. Big scope of application temperature
-Apply to operating temperature of various components
5. Excellent chemical stability, non-corrosiveness
-Base materials of pure silicone, high purity metallic oxide, non-corrosiveness
6. Low thixotropy
-Wont change original features due to long time service or rapid change of temperature