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Frequency inverter
4 - 500 kW | CHV190 ShenZhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd.

Technical Features
1.The time sequence of brake logic control and monitor function.
2.Speed up when load is light.
3.Power balance and speed synchronous at mater-slave mode.
4.Can offer the crane operation mode.
5.Professional communication function(Profibus,Modbus,Ethernet).
6.Slack rope detection.
7.Upper monitoring software.
8.Power supply of control circuit and power supply of main circuit are controlled respectively.
9.4 groups of motor parameters can be set and switched.
10.Monitor the dangerous speed, stop rapidly and over-speed protection.
11.Pre-compensation of start-up torque and torque verification.
12.Current vector control: the output torque can be up to 200% at zero speed.
13.Plentiful peripheral interface and protection function.
1.Port, Metallurgy, Electricity, Mechanism, Chemical, Transport, Power resource, Light industry, Environmental protection and Water conservancy, etc
2.Engineering construction crane
3.All kinds of hoisting and windlass machinery
Optional accessory
1.Asynchronous PG card
2.Profibus-DP communication card
3.I/O extension card


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