box PLC / with integrated I/O / fieldbus / integrated data memory
IVC1 series ShenZhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd.



  • Type:


  • Input/output:

    with integrated I/O

  • Network:


  • Other characteristics:

    integrated data memory


IVC1 series mini PLC may be small but is powerful and capable of delivering high performance in automation control. Its performance can be attributed to the built-in microprocessor, core computing control system, input and output points, expansion module buses and so on. IVC1 series modules have an extension module and special module. There are two communication interfaces in the main module. The input/output module has other features like high-speed counting and high-speed pulse output channel to get precise positioning. There are plenty of built-in programming software hence, it is used in a variety of applications like textile fiber, air conditioners, machine tools, cables, plastics and steels, foods and drinks, packages, buildings, elevators and printing. Integrated with built-in programming resources and three standard programming language. Auto Station programming software supports debugging monitoring. The module has a stable user program safety protection system.

1.Small size, high configuration, high-capacity and fast speed
2.Strong positioning and high-speed processing capability
3.Strong communication
4.Powerful programmable software

Textile fiber, machine tools, cables, foods and drinks, packages, plastics and steels,buildings, air conditioners, elevators and printing

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