single-axis servo-drive
MH500 Hydraulic Servo Drive ShenZhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd.



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In the meantime of making technological innovations, KINWAY also lucubrate the injection molding machinery’s technological process and parameters to optimalize its energy efficiency as well as product precision by applying the control software algorithm to the specific process requirements of injection molding machines.

The features of the MH500 hydraulic servo drive for injection molding machine are as follows:

1.Servo motor is collocation with variable displacement pump. It is an average efficiency of 20% to 80% compared with the traditional induction motor.

2.Three times of the overload is applied to the requirements of the plastics.

3.Unique PQ (pressure and flow) decoupling control and multi-stage PID control technology are forming faster and more sophisticated.

4.Special hydraulic servo control software is debugging and used easy.

5.Support embedded LED, handheld HMI and PC SCM software debugging, optional conveniently and quickly.

6.According to the different models, traffic and the tonnage of the four hydraulic servo system solutions, it is to meet the needs of customers of different injection molding machine, a single pump control system, the confluence of multi-pump control system, multi-pump composite control system and multi-pump, multi-mode control system.