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WS1000 electronic control system of water-jet loom is equipped with a complete set of electronic control system including loom controller with a 32-bit CPU as the core, an ETU&ELO system and a weft feeder, as well as an optional spindle energy-saving motor which can save energy by 10%-20% averagely.
The integration of operating interfaces for ETU & ELO system, weft feeder and the main controller into one display screen is contributing to remarkable convenience of operation. The modularized main controller can make system configuration and function combinable, and it possible to select different function modules as customer requirements such as 2 nozzles, 3 nozzles, 4 nozzles, thereby meeting high-end and low-end customer requirements.

(1)It has fast response speed and high control precision by taking 32-bit CPU as control core;

(2)The integrated solution for ETU&ELO system, weft feeder and direct-drive spindle motor;

(3)Easy for variable-speed weaving and slow-speed inching;

(4)Save energy by 10%-20% averagely;

(5)The weaving speed can reach 1500rpm;

(6)It is effective to reduce start-up marks by regulating weaving speed as yarns.