HMI with keyboard / handheld / LCD / industrial
HMI ShenZhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd.


  • Interface:

    with keyboard

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HMI Features:

1. small and exquisite appearance;

2. LCD display and easy to operate keyboard with multiple functions;

3. pluggable design perfectly cleared the potential troubles that change the inner setting by Non-users and makes users feel safe to the products.
Four buttons are respectively:
(1) "ESC", exit and return;
(2) "∧", back to the front page and data increasing;
(3) "∨",to the next page and data decreasing;
(4) "ENT", enter.
The HMI can be turned on and off by pressing the buttons: press "ESC" and "ENT"(about 3 seconds) at the same time, and then the quick start-up and stop is available.

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