surface mounted junction box / IP65 / with cable gland / photovoltaic
Intelligent PV ShenZhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd.



  • Mounting:

    surface mounted

  • Protection level:


  • Other characteristics:

    with cable gland

  • Applications:



JTPV series intelligent pv junction box is for photovoltaic power generation systems. Application of multichannel input serial bus and design, flow, detection and monitoring. And protection in the integral whole, realizes the multi-channel
photovoltaic arrays and inverter between safety, Reliable,convenient connection, JTPV series intelligent with pv junction box, IMars inverters to form a whole installation, also can be used as a component installed separately.
Two lines of output, but with two lines of MPPT input inverter direct docking;

Integrated dc dc fuse, lightning protection module and add more inverter input protection;
Of branch current intelligent monitoring, summarizing the voltage and the running state;

Extension analog input detecting interface, support access to monitor the environment;

Support receives the European smart grid scheduling signal;

Available local monitoring software (Phone Expert and Win Expert) period of time limit of power settings;

12V 100mA auxiliary DC power interface is optional for system expansion;

General RS485 communication port, fully compatible with photovoltaic power generation system internal and external communication.