Digital display AC drive / HVAC
GD300-16 Series ShenZhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd.


  • Type:

    digital display

  • Applications:


  • Output frequency:

    Min.: 0 Hz

    Max.: 400 Hz


Goodrive300-16 special inverters for HVAC are developed according to HVAC applicationfeatures and control requirements, and can be widely used in heating and water supply.Many special functions are developed on the basic industry applications and the energy saving is efficient.

1.Smart logic Controller and 2 × PID
2.Integrated Fan, Pump and Compressor Functionality
3.Fire Override Mode, Dry Run Detection, Constant Torque
4.Sleep and Wake up control to save energy
5.Real-time clock
6.Several pump control to extend the service life of pump
7.Standard C3 filters, CE and UL/cUL

1.5KW~500KW (Three Phase 380v)
4KW~315KW (Three Phase 525v)
22KW~630KW (Three Phase 660v)

Constant pressure water supply of the high-rise building and the home of multi-storey buildings, and the city concentrated water supply, gas supply, the water treatment, and the water supply pump station

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