vector control AC drive / open-loop
GD300-19 Series ShenZhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd.



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    vector control

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Goodrive300-19 inverters are the open loop vector inverters which are especially developed for the heavy-load applications and control.

1.Improved braking logic control box with more than 30 fault protections to improve the reliability
2.Product and certification meet the European CE standards with the better adaptability of bad grid, temperature and dust
3.Operation mode special for cranes, to set according to the
operation habits of the user, easy commissioning and maintenance
4.TI32-bit DSP control system and the international
advanced speed sensorless vector control technology, to meet various requirement of the industry

1.5KW~315KW(Three Phase 380V)

Electric Hoist, Winch, Tower Crane, Portal Crane

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