digital display AC drive / wall-mount / open-loop
GD35-07 Series ShenZhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd.



  • Type:

    digital display

  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Power:

    Max.: 75,000 W

    Min.: 4,000 W

  • Current:

    Max.: 150 A

    Min.: 10 A


Product Introduction:
Goodrive35-07 inverters special for tension control are the inverters with high performance close loop vector control.The tension control module is used in the function algorithm,to make the center-oriented wrapping up/off in the processing applications available.

1.5~75KW(Three Phase 380V~440V)

• Tension speed control mode and open loop tension torque control mode is optional
• Encoder interface is integrated with the terminal board, to support various encoders
• Multiple coil diameter calculation methods
• PID adjustment, to reduce the impact to the materials during starting
• Product curling effect can be improved through the taper tension setting
• Pre-drive, to change the coil automatically
• The moment of inertia and friction compensation
• Materials lack detection and processing

Textile, packing and package, plastic machinery, paper-making, cable-making and other winding applications

Brochure and Manual: