Manual variable-frequency drive
CHV160A series ShenZhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd.


  • Mounting:


  • Power:

    Min.: 5500 W

    Max.: 350000 W


Technical Features CHV160A series include supply of a frequency pump mode of fixed variable and also a frequency pump mode of a circular variable. It also has a optimized water supply PID regulator so that switching between two parameters become easy. The control logic of add or decreasing the pump becomes easier. Timing rotation feature helps in pumps getting corroded. It also supports 16 multi-step pressures setting and 8 timeslots timing water-supply. There is an in-built water detection control. built-in manual soft-start debugging and manual round-robin debugging function is there for maintenance of debugging. Monitoring the alarm and pipe net pressure can be done.

Brochure and Manual:


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