vector control variable-frequency drive / vertical
CHE100 series ShenZhen INVT Electric Co., Ltd.



  • Type:

    vector control

  • Mounting:


  • Power:

    Max.: 11,000 W

    Min.: 400 W


The technical features of CHE100(vfd) include a Start-up torque: 0.5Hz/150% (SVC); Control mode:Sensorless vector control, V/f control, torque control; .Built-in breaking unit for 0.4kW to 11kW; Multi-step (8 steps) speed control; AVR: Can output constant voltage automatically when input voltage is fluctuating; Offer 4 multi-functional digital inputs; Offer RS485 serial communication interface that adopts Modbus standard Modbus. there is also an external keypad.

The applications of this product is found in high speed grinding machine, electric machinery, numerical control machine, foodstuff processing machinery, Textile machinery, Plastic machinery, ceramic machinery etc.