low-pass electronic filter / passive / sine wave / harmonic
SKS-DVT-0048-4AS/V5 Shenzhen Sikes Electric Co., Ltd.



  • Bandwidth:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    sine wave, harmonic, for industrial applications, industrial, for inverters, du/dt

  • Current:

    48 A

    Max.: 1,200 A

    Min.: 5 A

  • Voltage:

    400 V

    Max.: 500 V

    Min.: 380 V

  • Frequency:

    50 Hz

    Max.: 60 Hz

    Min.: 45 Hz


The SIKES DU/dt 5A~1200A filters decreases the insulation stress of motors by lowering the dU/dt value of the variable speed drive output voltage. It can be utilized with cable lengths up to 100 to 300 m depending on the model.

Moreover, the units are intended for maximum switching frequency of 200 kHz. The filters create less heat with smaller switching frequencies. The motor is not intended for utilizing with a variable speed drive to retrofit applications.

Du/Dt filter is economical alternative for Sine wave filter.

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