LCD/TFT monitor / touch / 320 x 200 / panel-mount
LMT035KDH03 Shenzhen Topway Technology Co. Ltd.



  • Technology:

    LCD/TFT, touch

  • Resolution:

    320 x 200

  • Mounting:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Applications:


  • Screen size:

    3.5 in


The Industrial LCD/TFT Monitor LMT035KDH03 Series comes with a 24-bit RGB digital interface. It features a 320 x RGB x 24 pixels display with 3.5"size. This monitor is equipped with a 3.3v single power supply. It is perfect for display systems on industrial equipment, instrumentation, professional electronic control board and HMI. Its property can also be configured with the optional touch panel.

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