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wire-wound resistor / aluminum-housed / housed / LV
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  • Technology:


  • Mounting:

    aluminum-housed, housed

  • Electrical characteristics:


  • Other characteristics:

    air cooled

  • Applications:



The dynamic braking resistor kits were designed for stopping a motor at full load current from base speed with 6 times motor energy, four stops per hour (NEMA ICS 3-301.62 Dynamic Braking Stop Option).

AC Drives(Variable Frequency Drives) use dynamic braking resistors to dissipate excess energy from the DC bus caused by fast stopping or high supply voltages. This can be required even when the drive is stopped so the resistors operate, more-or-less, continuously.

The drive must be ordered with a braking module installed to use dynamic braking resistors.

These reactors are intended for use with the 690+ series three-phase controllers. They may be used when voltage transformation or supply isolation is not required. Consult factory for resistors for older products.


Elevator, port machinery, rolling mills, hoist the generator, inverter and other brake and load
Use of the environment:
Rated temperature (+70 ℃); use with the temperature range (-55 ℃ ~ +375 ℃)
rated power temperature (+70 ℃); use with the temperature range (-55 ℃ ~ +375 ℃)
Applicable standards: GB/T5729-2003 GB5732-85