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band-pass electronic filter / passive / EMI / AC
220V 380V 525V 690V 1140V | 0.75kw~3550kw | FWI-3 Shenzhen V&T Technologies Co., Ltd.



  • Bandwidth:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    EMI, AC, single-phase, three-phase, DC, high-performance, output, for industrial applications

  • Current:

    Max.: 1600 A

    Min.: 1 A

  • Voltage:

    250, 440, 1140, 690

  • Frequency:



I . three phase output EMI Filter Characteristics
1. Rated voltage: 250V/440V (can be customized 690V/1140V).
2. Operating frequency:0-120Hz frequency .
3. Withstanding voltage Test (1 min): Line - to 2250VDC, line - line 1500VDC.
4. Temperature range: -25-85 ºC.
5. Insulation resistance: line - to (300A below) >= 1500M (Europe).
6. Switching frequency: Fmax=60KHz.
7. Dv/Dt inhibition, over-voltage inhibit, reduce electromagnetic interference Inverters.
8. Current large current from 1A-1600A (Amp).
9. The use of high-quality components to ensure the stability, security, robust.
10. Inverters and the motor coil to reduce the wear and tear, for the inverters output filter.

An EMI filter, or electromagnetic interference filter, is an electronic passive device which is used in order to suppress conducted interference that is present on a signal or power line. EMI filters can be used to suppress interference that is generated by the device or by other equipment in order make a device more immune to electromagnetic interference signals present in the environment. Most EMI filters consist of components that suppress differential and common mode interference.

There are many different kinds of EMI filters. At VTdrive we stock many of the most common types categorized by type, case size / dimension, impedance, maximum DC resistance, capacitance and rated current. The parametric filters on our website can help refine your search results depending on the required specifications.