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Single-phase choke / harmonic / DC / circular
220V 380V 525V 690V 1140V | 0.75kw~3550kw | FWI-DCR3 Shenzhen V&T Technologies Co., Ltd.


  • Electrical characteristics:

    single-phase, harmonic, DC

  • Configuration:

    circular, linear

  • Applications:

    industrial, DC-link, for inverters, for motors

  • Other characteristics:

    IP 00, copper wire


Add VTdrive DC Link Chokes in series with the internal DC bus to:

Reduce AC Input Line Harmonics
Help Meet IEEE-519 Limits
Absorb Voltage/Current Spikes
Reduce AC ripple on DC bus
Reduce dV/dT and dI/dT rates
Solve nuisance overvoltage tripping
Reduce DC Bus Transient Overvoltage
When added between the input rectifier and bus capacitor the link choke will improve the DC bus waveform and the AC input waveform. In this location the DC reactor will reduce the amount of AC ripple on the DC bus, reduce the AC input line harmonics and offer protection against nuisance tripping due to voltage spikes such as those caused by capacitor switching. However, a DC link choke, will not offer protection of the input rectifiers.

DC link chokes offer the advantage of maximizing the circuit inductance for power quality reasons, but without causing an AC input line voltage drop. DC link chokes can be used individually, typically on the positive DC bus, or in pairs with one each on both the positive and negative bus. When two DC reactors are used on the bus, the inductance is additive. You will need twice as much inductance on the DC bus as used on the AC input (per phase) to accomplish the same performance experienced with AC input reactors. For best performance, combine the use of both an AC input reactor and a DC link choke.


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