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three-phase choke / harmonic / AC / circular
220V 380V 525V 690V 1140V | 0.75kw~3550kw | FWI-CKI3 Shenzhen V&T Technologies Co., Ltd.



  • Electrical characteristics:

    three-phase, harmonic, AC

  • Configuration:


  • Applications:

    industrial, for inverters, for motors

  • Other characteristics:

    IP 00, copper wire

  • Voltage:

    Min.: 220 V

    Max.: 1,140 V


FWI-CKI3 Three phase 380v Input/output AC reactor (choke)

Functions of AC reactor (choke):
1.Reduction of harmonics , Improvement of the power factor
2.Over-voltage restriction
3.Reducing the stress caused by noise to motor, extended the life span of motor
4.Improvement of low-frequency conduction emission/sensitivity

Technical specifications of this AC choke (reactor):
1.Rated Voltage: 440VAC
2.Hipot test voltage
3.Operating Frequency: 50/60 Hz
4.Insulation class: H
5.Rated Current: 3A ~ 800 A
6.Altitude: <100 0 meters
7.Ambient temperature: -25ºC~ 40ºC
8.Reactor impedance: 2%
9.Protection category: IP00

Input Chokes
Reduce power supply harmonic currents
Reduce the overall input current to the drive
Provide additional protection against mains borne voltage spikes

Input chokes can be used to reduce the supply line harmonic currents and voltage distortion generated by almost all inverter drives on the market today. VTdrive Drives have selected a range of chokes matched to the Optidrive range to provide the best reduction in supply current harmonics whilst also providing enhanced protection for the Optidrive against transient voltages (’spikes’) or other mains borne interference.
Input chokes are available for the complete range of Optidrive products, and are recommended for use in all installations and in particular:
where the local mains supply quality may be poor or unknown
where high current switching loads such as large DC drives or soft starts are operating
where the mains supply impedance is low
in remote areas prone to lightening strikes