flat knitting machine / computerized / industrial



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    90 cm, 122 cm (35 in)


Raising the Benchmark With New Loop Pressers

SHIMA SEIKI's SVR-series continues to inherit the DNA of innovative technology that makes it the global standard in computerized shaping machines. Now with loop pressers, SVR093SP and SVR123SP are capable of producing unprecedented designs in knit fabrics, especially inlay patterns, which combine knit and weave characteristics to produce hybrid textiles. In addition, the new i-Plating option can be combined with inlay patterns as well as sinker patterns produced with the patented moveable sinker system, opening up a whole new world of patterning for truly diverse knit design. SVR093SP/123SP carries over established SHIMA SEIKI technology such as the R2CARRIAGE System, Digital Stitch Control System (DSCS), stitch presser, takedown comb and yarn gripper and cutter system. Proven technology, along with Made-in-Japan quality, reliability, productivity, user-friendliness and increased patterning capability all combine to satisfy the high expectations of the world's fashion industry.