gas chromatograph / FID / discharge ionization detector / laboratory
Nexis GC-2030 Shimadzu Europa



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    FID, discharge ionization detector

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Designed with the Analyst in Mind

Analysts will benefit from the touch panel interface, which features clear graphics that display information instantly whenever needed. The user-friendly interface leaves the operator free to focus on obtaining optimal analytical results.

World's Highest* Sensitivity and Reproducibility

High-Sensitivity Detectors Support a Wide Variety of Analyses
Intelligent Flow Controller with Exceptional Reproducibility
*As of May 2017, according to a Shimadzu survey

Exceptional Extensibility and Productivity

GC Systems Customized for Specific Needs
Advanced Flow Technology
Faster Analysis with Hydrogen Carrier Gas

Various Advanced Functions Improve Energy Efficiency
Column Temperature Control Function

Options for Expanding Your Productivity


Split/Splitless Injector
On-Column Injection Unit
Direct Injection Unit
Programmed Temperature Vaporization Injector


Flame Ionization Detector
Flame Photometric Detector
Thermal Conductivity Detector
Flame Thermionic Detector
Electron Capture Detector
Barrier Discharge Ionization Detector