wall-mounted shower / outdoor / with eyewash and face wash station
GWM1R Series Showers & Eyebaths Services Ltd



  • Mounting:


  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    with eyewash and face wash station

  • Water pressure:

    Max.: 3 bar (43.51 psi)

    Min.: 2 bar (29.01 psi)

  • Flow rate:



The GWM1R series of safety showers is designed to incorporate an outer body, structured from GRP and stainless steel components. The pipes are built in ABS. The use of these advanced, anti-corrosion materials deliver outstanding durability, strength and solidity to the showers. They are thus rendered perfect for use in the outdoor environment.

Painted in an eye-catching yellow, they are designed to provide high visibility and easy identification. Suitable for wall mounting, the showers display superb adaptability to all kinds of environs. Owing to their self-draining ability, the showers do not freeze nor do they overheat in extreme climates. However, care should be taken that units installed in surrounding temperatures of -5oC and lower, are equipped with adequate frost protection for the flow valve.