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Abrasive belt
1749 siaral sia Abrasives


Calibrating MDF and chipboard surfaces
Preparation sanding before veneering or laminating
Removal of synthetic resin and laminate layers
Final sanding on transom and high-quality veneers
Priming preparation of MDF
Fine sanding of MDFand chipboard surfaces
Fine sanding of slate and marble pieces
Coarse to fine sanding of composite materials

Grit range: P036 P400
Backing: f-wt paper
Bonding: synthetic resin
Coating: electrostatic closed
Grit: silicon carbide

Long lifetime when sanding MDF and HDF panels and chipboard surfaces
Low dust adhesion on the abrasive belt, work piece and machine thanks to the anti-static treatment
Application-specific optimised belt joints
Best surface quality when fine sanding MDF, highquality veneer and soft wood
Perfect finish after fine sanding of soft wood

Finish: Very good
Stability: Strong
Lifetime: Very long
Removal rate: Very high


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Abrasive belt