pulse data-logger / frequency / WiFi / GSM / GPRS



  • Measured quantity:

    pulse, frequency

  • Connector type:

    WiFi, GSM / GPRS, Bluetooth

  • Display:

    with LCD display

  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, digital


Description: The DA3000 data logger, designed and manufactured by Siap+Micros, is a high performance, compact and powerful data acquisition system that can be fixed to a DIN bar. It features 10 analog inputs (4 differential 22 bit, 6 single-ended 12 bit) and 6 digital inputs (2 frequency or pulse counter channels and 2 digital state inputs). Additionally, 4 GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) channels are available, to be configured as digital I/O or to implement a single SPI interface in order to further expand DA3000 functionalities. The unit, based on a 16 bit low power consumption microcontroller, along with sub clock mode invoked during stand-by time, ensures a very low power consumption. This feature combined with the low voltage (3 Vdc) microcontroller technology let the unit operating for long period on two 1.5V alkaline batteries.

Features: The DA3000 data logger, designated as e003a DA3010, comes with a RS232 interface for cable links or a GSM / GPRS units, a SD card slot for data storage, and e003b DA3020 that is the same as DA3010 plus an LCD 16X2 display. The unit allows for the 3 or 12 Vdc power supply. The data logger has an internal battery monitor, managing power sources like solar panels or 12Vdc power supply in order to provide adequate charging to an external 12Vdc rechargeable battery.