Copy milling machine
max. 400 x 100 x 25 mm | DCS/L cnc S.I.B.O


The DCS/L cnc Automatic milling copying machine is equipped with a loader capable of positioning up to 10 pieces on the holder slide, where they are clamped. The desired profile is executed by the two tool sliders located to the left and right of the holder, that operate simultaneously, while the two additional slides with pad handle the painting of the milled profile. Once the process is complete, the slider resets in order to load new pieces, while simultaneously unloading the finished ones. All three slides (piece holder and left and right tool slides) are controlled using a computer with three interpolated axes with point-to-point system. This model also features a CAM system for transforming drawings into ISO language, and adjusting the tool offset, tool speed and feeding speed.


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