Desk milling machine / for wood
max. 200 x 100 x 30 mm | FMC/cnc S.I.B.O


This is one of the most suitable machines for the mass production of objects milled on three sides such as knife handles, flat paintbrush handles and different shapes. The machine comes with two working stations, each one composed by two loaders and two independent clamping devices, and one milling unit, which is composed by two spindles (each works apiece). While the milling cutters begin to work the the two pieces that are loaded and clamped on the first station, the second station can be loaded with the other two pieces simultaneously. As the milling work nears end at the first station, the cutters move quickly to the second station to execute the work that is kept ready. This saves wastage of time as the downtime is avoided. It is to be noted that the electro spindles move and not the pieces.


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