PVD deposition machine / sputtering / thermal evaporation / ion beam-assisted
Sichuan Goldstone Orient New Material Equipment Co , Ltd



  • Method:


  • Technology:

    sputtering, thermal evaporation, ion beam-assisted

  • Deposition type:

    thin-film, metalized film , antireflective coating

  • Other characteristics:

    vacuum, online, reel-to-reel

  • Applications:

    for the microelectronics industry, capacitor, for displays, for AR coating


Film web metallizer for


Chamber type: Circle chamber, and squared chamber

Width: 1100 mm, 1300 mm, 1650 mm, 1800 mm, 2000 mm, 2200 mm, 2500 mm, 3000 mm

Production Speed: 10 m/s-13 m/s, 650 m/min, 700 m/min, 800 m/min.

Roll diameter: 800 mm, 1100 mm, 1200 mm

Mechanical design of the equipment fully absorbed the merits of the same industry, with the advantage of fast pumping speed, high vacuum degree, advanced tension control and high production speed, it is unique in the Asian region and favored by customers domestic and abroad.

Using the new allocation of Evaporation boat, the coating thickness is fully guaranteed.And a separate wire feeder motor can be co-worked to individual wire feeder motor to achieve more precise adjustment to coating thickness.