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Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe Machine

Dn 300 to 1200 mm

one machine can suitable for DN 300 up to DN 1200

Reinforced by steel corrugated rib

super pipe stiffness SN8, SN 12.5 & SN16

Pipe length up to 12 meters

Pipe weight reduce 25-50%

Material cost reduce 30%

Compared with the traditional steel and concrete pipe, the plastic pipe has big advantages, such as anti-corrosive, less leakage, light weight and easy installation. But the serious disadvantage of the plastic pipe is the low elastic modulus, e.g. polyethylene Ep value is about 800 Mpa. This character makes the full plastic pipe can not provide a high ring stiffness easily. Or, even we can approach to the high ring stiffness by increasing the wall thickness and material grade, but the expensive pipe cost is not acceptable by most of end users. So before the developing of the reinforced structure wall pipe, the full plastic pipe is mainly used in the area of small and middle diameter ranges.

1) High ring stiffness

For normal buried sewage plastic structure wall pipe, its maximum ring stiffness is difficult to over SN 8. But in new pipe, stiffness can easily reach the surprisingly value of SN 8, SN 12.5 and SN 16, even higher if necessary. In other hand, thanks to plastic properties, the plastic-steel-plastic composite structure could against corrosion very well.

2) Saving Material Cost

Besides the enhanced performance, the other primary advantage is that the new pipe can save material cost obviously. When pipe diameter is over DN1000, SRPCP can save the plastic materials consumption nearly in 50% when compared with other plastic sewage pipe in same stiffness.