fiberglass-reinforced pipe extrusion line / for tubes / for thermoplastics / for gas pipes
RTP DN50-200 Sichuan Goldstone Orient New Material Equipment Co , Ltd



  • Type:

    for tubes

  • Treated material:

    for thermoplastics

  • Applications:

    for gas pipes, for high-pressure pipelines, for RTP pipes, for fiberglass-reinforced pipes


The RTP pipe (Reinforced Thermal Plastic Pipe) Machine
RTP flexible pipe is reinforced by fiberglass, polyester fiber, carbon fiber, polyarmid fiber and other high strength fibers. Customer could easily change for different number of fiberglass according to different pipe pressure rankings. The pipe could work on pressure of 200 bar (2 inch RTP pipe). And the pipe is spoolable, supply in a coil of 200 meters to 800 meters per reel. RTP pipe is an idea product for high pressure oil and gas application.

Pipe range 2 - 8 inch
Pressure 5 -20 MPa
Pipe base material HDPE, PERT
Reinforced material Impregnated glass fiber
Spoolable Yes
Application Oil and Gas, Industrial
Connection Stainless steel swaging fitting