tube extrusion line / for steel-plastic composites / for corrugated pipe / for drainage pipes
DN1000, DN1800, DN3000 Sichuan Goldstone Orient New Material Equipment Co , Ltd



  • Type:

    for tubes

  • Treated material:

    for steel-plastic composites

  • Applications:

    for corrugated pipe, for drainage pipes, for spiral tubes, double-walled, for large-diameter pipes, for sewage pipes, for corrugated pipes with integrated tube, for hollow-wall pipes


Compared with the traditional steel pipe and concrete pipe, the plastic pipe shows the big advantages, such as anti-corrosive, less leakage, light weight and easy installation. But the serious disadvantage of the plastic pipe is the low elastic modulus, e.g. polyethylene EP value is about 800 Mpa. While the elastic modulus of carbon steel is about 190,000 Mpa, which is almost 200 times higher than polyethylene. As well, the price of steel is half of the polyethylene. So if we can combine the advantages of steel and plastic into a composite pipe, that will get a perfect large diameter pipe with high stiffness and less cost.

Since 2003, Goldstone Orient company has developed the innovated conception of steel reinforced corrugated pipe (SRPCP) with its owned technology. With the powerful steel reinforced corrugated rib, the pipe stiffness was raised to SN16 or higher while the pipe diameter can reach maximum DN3000.

1) High Ring Stiffness

The new composite pipe can provide ring stiffness of SN8, SN12.5 and SN16 generally; even higher stiffness could be made if necessary.

The pipe ranges from DN300 mm till DN3000 mm, suitable for various buried storm water system and drainage & sewage water system. Stiffness of SN8 could be provided to whole series of pipes.

2) Saving Material Cost

The new reinforced structure pipe can save material cost obviously. When pipe diameter is over DN1000, SRPCP pipe can save nearly 50% of the total materials cost when it is compared with other plastic sewage pipe in same stiffness.