tube extrusion line / for thermoplastics / for composite pipes / for high-pressure pipelines
Sichuan Goldstone Orient New Material Equipment Co , Ltd



  • Type:

    for tubes

  • Treated material:

    for thermoplastics

  • Applications:

    for composite pipes, for high-pressure pipelines, for fiberglass-reinforced pipes


Goldstone’s RTP pipe technologies use thermoplastic impregnated glass fiber rope or tape as the reinforcement material. The glass is wrapped in multiple layers on HDPE pipe or a co-extrusion liner tube, meanwhile extruding the bond resin between each layer and cures the fiber by heating device. Finally we receive a fully bonded integrated composite structure, which can against high pressure. The reinforced pipe is designed according to API 15S and other international standards. The RTP is flexible and spoolable, therefore it is a good selection for oil and gas flowlines and other fields who need high pressure and fast installation. Depended on customer’s demand of the pipe design, Goldstone can provide either rope wrapping or tape wrapping technology, or use potential combination.

Fiberglass RTP Pipe Specification
Pipe Size 2” 3” 4” 5” 6” 8”
Working pressure20Mpa15Mpa13Mpa10Mpa8Mpa6Mpa