tube extrusion line / for corrugated pipe / for steel-reinforced pipes
DN1000, DN1500, DN2000, DN3000 Sichuan Goldstone Orient New Material Equipment Co , Ltd



  • Type:

    for tubes

  • Applications:

    for corrugated pipe, for steel-reinforced pipes


Steel reinforced corrugated pipe equipment is the innovated technology developed by Goldstone. The extrusion line can produce the composite pipe from DN300 to DN3000, and the stiffness of pipe range SN8-SN16.

Structure Steel Corrugated Reinforced
Dia. of Pipe DN300 to DN3000
High Stiffness SN8, SN12.5, SN16
Pipe Weight 60-90% lighter than concrete pipe
Material Cost 30-50% less than plastic pipe
Application Sewerage, Drainage pipe, Culvert pipe, Storm-water pipe