gas analyzer / temperature / pressure / in situ
GM32 series SICK



  • Measured entity:


  • Measured value:

    temperature, pressure

  • Configuration:

    in situ

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, ATEX


The GM32 in-situ gas analyzer is capable of measuring SO2, NO, NO2 and NH3 and also TRS components in Kraft pulp processes. It can also successfully measure pressure and temperature in the gas duct. It is direct and fast, but without gas sampling and transport. The device features help to work with actual values in real time. The self-monitoring capability in the device allows for reliable measurements and if any discrepancies occur, warnings will be issued. GM32, with its certification granted according to European standard EN 15267-3 can do successful emission measurement of SO2 and NO. The device comes with ATEX version, which means it is fitted with its all-inclusive safety functions and highly efficient system technology. GM32 TRS-PE is used for TRS measurement in Kraft pulp processes.

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