DC motor / brushless / permanent magnet / variable reluctance
SR, ASR series Sicme Motori



  • AC/DC:


  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    permanent magnet, variable reluctance

  • Power:

    5 - 10 kW, 10 - 20 kW, 20 - 50 kW, 50 - 100 kW, 100 - 200 kW, 200 - 500 kW, 500 - 1000 kW, 1 - 10 MW

  • Heating technology:


  • Power:

    Min.: 5 kW (6.798 hp)

    Max.: 1,500 kW (2,039.432 hp)


The synchronous reluctance motors with SR (Synchronous Reluctance) and ASR (Assisted Synchronous Reluctance) technology are electrical machines that can be used in all variable speed applications, but perform best when applied at high dynamic exploits the characteristics low inertia and adjustment (range of constant power beyond 1:5).
The water cooling, available on request, allows to minimize the size of the SR motor, increasing even more the density of available torque to the shaft mechanical.
The main innovation of the SR motor is constituted by the rotor stack, obtained with laminations with particular shaping of the slots, which determine the anisotropy on which is based the operation of the motor, without neither the windings nor squirrel cage. This means that the rotor has not Joule losses, thus there is greater possibility to exploit the motor, obtaining a torque density comparable to that of the brushless. In the ASR version, some permanent magnets are inserted in the rotor slots, to further increase performance.
Key Features:
High power to volume ratio
Reduced overall dimensions
Moment of inertia extremely low
Continuous and peak torque available even at zero speed
High rotation precision
High mechanical strength
Reduced number of components
Ventilation and speed encoder integrated into the motor structure
Perfect integration into the machine
High range of speed adjustment at constant power
Very low maintenance

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