AC/DC power supply / high-voltage / data center / modular
DPS series Sicon Chat Union Electric Co., Ltd



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-voltage, data center, modular, redundant, floor

  • Output voltage:

    Min.: 240 V

    Max.: 380 V


DPS series is a brand of high voltage DC(HVDC)power system, which adopts advanced modular power supply design concept and leading electrical circuit technology.
1.Single rectifier cabinet contains 20 rectifier modules max. Parallel up to 3 rectifier cabinets
2.Modular design, N+X redundancy, High reliability, high availability, easy maintenance
3.Full DSP control in input and output circuits
4.Advanced series resonant soft switching technology decrease bear stress of power devices
5.Input harmonic <3%, the input power factor ≥0.998;
6.overall efficiency≥ 95%;
7.RS232, RS485, LAN interface, 4 input dry contacts, 8 output dry contacts

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