stretch blow molding machine / for PET bottles



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    for PET bottles


Our most reliable and cost-efficient solution for your industrial needs, the Sidel Matrix PH blower adds a new dimension to our preferential heating technology.

It combines the benefits of a proven PH process with a modular Matrix blower to support FHPC production. Sidel’s preferential heating process controls material distribution for ideal container shape and wall thickness:

- Heating modules equipped with infrared (IR) lamps
- Selective heating via series of reflecting and non-reflecting zones on reflectors positioned opposite IR lamps
- Constant preform rotation for repeatability of differentiated heating profile
- Reliable, mechanical angular positioning of preform from preform-loading to bottle outfeed
- Precisely targeted temperature profile for uniform material distribution

Neck orientation
When cap orientation is needed, an in-oven indexation system is available. This is a simple method of orienting the cap according to bottle shape, product pouring and label orientation. The machine configuration and output are customised accordingly and evaluated by Sidel experts.