manual welding positioner / rotary / multi-axis
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The Welding Universal Balance Positioner permits the manual rotation of the workpieces bringing them into any positions in the space improving the ergonomy of the operator. The rotation is performed rapidly and safely once reached the center of gravity . The equipment has no engine, nor command or control systems.

The Welding Universal Balance Positioners are available in two models:

WUB 300 for workpieces having a maximum weight up to 300 kg (660 lbs)
WUB 1200 for workpieces having a maximum weight up to 1200 kg (2,645 lbs)
The product is supplied with the adaptive plate and the pins for the anchorage of the workpiece


Reduction of weldments handling time
Minor use of traditional lifting equipment
Safer and more ergonomic working enviroment
Lifting, titling and rotation of a weldment on a single machine
Improvement of welding quality
Fast return on investment (ROI)
Simplified welding precedure specifications (WPS)
3 axis: elevation, 360° rotation, overturning