LED display / alphanumeric / dot-matrix / numeric
SX302 series Siebert Industrieelektronik GmbH



  • Type:

    LED, alphanumeric, dot-matrix, numeric

  • Features:

    giant, large-format, 3.5-digit, 24-digit, 9-digit, 1-line, 4-digit, 5-digit, 10-digit, 6-digit, 3-digit, 12-digit, 2-digit, 8-digit, 1-digit, 16-digit, 7-digit

  • Other characteristics:

    programmable, RS485, electronic, PROFIBUS, RS-232, ProfiNet, IP65, adjustable brightness, Modbus RTU, high-contrast, IP54, rugged, external, outdoor, indoor

  • Applications:

    industrial, information, for the environmental industry, remote, for high-traffic areas, digital signage, time date temperature, for vehicles, for transportation, for metrology, picking, set point, control, for stadiums, for the energy sector, for logistics


Alphanumeric large size displays

The SX302 series comprises single line alphanumeric large size displays with character heights of 50 or 100 mm. They are suitable to display short information such as article number, registration number, etc.

Readable one- or double-sided

The large size displays are offered either with a one- or a doublesided display. The versions with a double-sided display have a LED matrix on the front and on the rear side and show the same information on both sides.

Numerous equipment options

In case of application in potentially explosive surroundings the large size displays can be equipped with a pressurized encapsulation acc. to Ex II 2 G px IIC T4c. You can find these and other equipment options on our website.