LED display / alphanumeric / dot-matrix / numeric
XC-Boards® Siebert Industrieelektronik GmbH



  • Type:

    LED, alphanumeric, dot-matrix, numeric, LCD, graphic, bar graph

  • Features:

    compact, giant, 10-digit, 6-digit, large-format, 2-digit, custom, 1-digit, ultra-thin, cube-shaped, 2-line, 16-digit, 3.5-digit, 1-line, 3-line, 7-digit, 7-segment, 9-digit, 12-digit, 24-digit, 17-segment, 5-digit, 8-digit, 3-digit, 14-segment, 4-digit, 16-segment

  • Other characteristics:

    electronic, programmable, RS-232, RS485, PROFIBUS, ProfiNet, IP65, LED-backlit, adjustable brightness, Modbus RTU, IP54, rugged, outdoor, indoor, external

  • Applications:

    for the energy sector, industrial, information, digital signage, remote, control, for stadiums, for high-traffic areas, for transportation, time date temperature, for logistics, set point, for the environmental industry


XC-Boards® are individual branch solutions for process-oriented visualization. They are based on the components of the series program and are designed in consultation with the customer. Extensive experience in the development of digital displays results in professional solutions which have been proving themselves in worldwide use.

For production and employee information
For logistics and transport
For cities ,municipalities and public institutions

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