LED display / alphanumeric / dot-matrix / numeric
XC50 series Siebert Industrieelektronik GmbH



  • Type:

    LED, alphanumeric, dot-matrix, numeric, graphic, bar graph, color

  • Features:

    large-format, giant, compact

  • Other characteristics:

    electronic, programmable, adjustable brightness, wide-viewing angle, indoor

  • Applications:

    industrial, information, digital signage, remote, control, for the energy sector, time date temperature, for transportation, for logistics, set point


LED matrix displays for indoors

The XC50 series is optimized for indoor applications. One- and double-sided devices are offered. The unilaterally readable devices have a LED matrix on the front, the two-sided readable devices have a LED matrix on the front and back. The unilaterally devices are for wall mounting, the two-sided readable devices are for hanging installation.

Freely configurable LED matrix

Texts, numbers and graphics can be displayed in brilliant colors on the LED matrix. Graphics, symbols and pictograms can be integrated as bitmap or PNG. The LED matrix realized in SMD technology is characterized by high luminosity, longevity and a wide reading angle.

Intelligent features

– Separation of layout and data by object-oriented control
– Parameterization, commissioning and manual data input via standard webbrowser
– Remote access for data input, parameterization and diagnostics
– Intuitive operation due to ergonomically designed web interface


– Freely configurable layout for texts, numeric information, graphics, luminous fields and bar graphs
– Integration of graphics, symbols and pictograms
– No PC software required