Bevel gear
Siemens AG Drive Technologies Division (Mechanical


As a manufacturer of geared parts for use in industrial and industry-related drive systems we grind or lap bevel gear sets or make them according to the HPG method. Owing to our far-reaching expertise in gear units and our industry-specific know-how that has been growing over decades we understand the constructional connections between cause and effect. With sound, in-depth knowledge of the application we offer you qualified analyses and together with you work out customized solutions for your drives. Take advantage of this engineering expertise! We would be pleased to support you in designing and optimizing your bevel gear sets.

As a Siemens customer you may not only expect delivery reliability, but also reliability and documented precision in production. The results are high-quality cyclo-palloid gear teeth true to specification with high torque transmitting ability, silent running and low wear. They feature long service life and are quickly available. They are made, among others, on the latest CN-controlled spiral bevel grinding machines G 60 and G 100 as well as on the C-60- and C-100-U hobbing machines.


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