electromechanical valve actuator / rotary / with spring return / modulating
GMA..9E series SIEMENS Building Technologies



  • Type:


  • Movement:


  • Technology:

    with spring return

  • Other characteristics:

    modulating, ball

  • Torque:

    7 Nm (5 ft.lb)


Rotary actuators 7 Nm with spring return for ball valves
Electromotoric actuators for 2-position, 3-position and modulating control, with spring-return, pre-wired with 0.9 m long connection cables, for the operation of Siemens 2-port and 3-port valves, types VAG60../VBG60.., VAI60../VBI60.., VAG61../VBG61.. and VAI61../VBI61.. .

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