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primary switchgear / high-voltage / gas-insulated / power distribution
max. 145 kV | HIS 8DN8 SIEMENS EM Transmission Solutions


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    power distribution


The SIEMENS gas-insulated switchgear is designed for use indoors or outdoors. Its compact design removes any worries about available space as it requires less than half the space of similar air-insulated switchgear.

The HIS 8DN8 type switchgear is rated for up to 145kV and is used mostly for the renewal/expansion of air insulated outdoor and indoor substations, especially when the operator needs to make modifications on a ‘live’ switchgear.

New construction is constantly facing high prices and growing complexity in the procedure of approvals and space needs are a key cost factor in a number of industries. The HIS eliminates that concern. The circuit-breakers, earthing switches, transformers and disconnectors are all housed in a compressed gas-tight enclosure, which makes the switchgear really compact.